Healthcare & Medical Financing

Discover our flexible financial solutions tailored for the healthcare industry.

Customized Financial Strategies for Your Medical Practice

At Implemint Capital, we specialize in creating flexible financial solutions for healthcare professionals, including: doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians. Our financial strategies are designed to offer low-interest loans and adaptable capital plans to ease monthly expenditures.

Wide Range of Loan and Financing Options

Being industry specialists, we offer a diverse range of financial solutions including:

  • Operational capital loans: Implemint Capital provides operational capital loans to healthcare practices to manage expenses linked to supplies, staff recruitment, and financial challenges. These loans come with extended terms of up to 72 months, no upfront payments, and no reporting to personal credit bureaus.
  • Equipment financing for healthcare: We aid in the purchase or lease of medical/dental equipment, inclusive of the latest diagnostic tools. Our comprehensive equipment purchase and lease plans are designed with flexible terms and minimal prerequisites, supporting both established and emerging practices.
  • Debt consolidation offers: Implemint Capital understands the financial strain of managing multiple loans with varying interest rates and payment schedules. Our debt consolidation service combines numerous loans into a single, manageable monthly payment with a reduced interest rate.
  • Business acquisition finance: With Implemint Capital, expanding your healthcare practice through mergers or acquisitions becomes a simplified process. We offer necessary finance support and thorough analysis to ensure your growth is both beneficial and profitable.
  • Loans for real estate: Be it a small medical practice, a hospital, or a large healthcare center, having a solid operational base is vital. Implemint Capital offers a range of commercial real estate financing options for purchase, renovations, extensions, and construction.

Other Businesses We Support

Acute Care Facility

Assisted Living Facilities

Cancer Center

Cosmetic Surgery Center

Diagnostic Imaging Center

Home Healthcare Provider

Medical Spa

Nursing Home

Optical/Vision Store


Physical Rehabilitation Center

Urgent Care Facility

Flexible Loan Terms to Suit Your Requirements

We provide flexible loan terms based on your organization’s capabilities. There are numerous loan options that can cater to your needs, and we guide you in making prudent decisions regarding down payments and monthly expenses. Connect with Implemint Capital today to secure the finance your healthcare practice needs.

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