Equipment Financing

Financing and leasing for transportation, medical, technology, and construction equipment.

Grow Your Business with the Equipment You Need

Implemint Capital collaborates with businesses at every stage, from budding startups to well-established corporations, to design personalized equipment financing solutions. We support a wide variety of businesses across the country in sustaining and expanding their operations.

Our Financing Programs

Our custom-tailored equipment financing and leasing plans offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Nominal or no upfront payment
  • No need for financial statement for applications up to $150,000
  • A variety of payment structures to fit your requirements
  • Potential financing of $500,000 or more for eligible borrowers

We pride ourselves on speedy approvals, processing standard applications within a single business day, and approvals for larger items typically within 3-5 days.

Broad Range of Equipment Financing Options:

At Implemint Capital, we offer a vast selection of equipment financing solutions to meet every organization’s unique requirements. We help startups, firms with credit issues, and government bodies to secure the equipment they require:
  • B, C, and D Credit: Our second chance program provides a high approval rate, even for applicants with faltering credit.
  • Equipment Sale and Lease Back: We purchase your existing equipment and lease it back to you, freeing up cash flow while ensuring uninterrupted access to your vital equipment. Once lease payments are fulfilled, we transfer the equipment ownership back to you.
  • Government and Municipal Options: State, federal, and municipal bodies can confidently apply for equipment leasing, as we routinely approve entities like military organizations, public schools, and libraries.
  • Startup Programs: We offer unique financing solutions for burgeoning businesses, which may face obstacles securing necessary equipment via conventional means.

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Implemint Capital is devoted to providing solutions that directly meet our clients’ needs. Regardless of whether you need office furniture, large construction machinery, restaurant equipment, software licenses or beyond, we can facilitate. Reach out to Implemint Capital today and let’s get started.

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