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Commercial Finance for Businesses

Our range of commercial finance solutions encompasses a variety of financing options tailored to fit the requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises. These options include but are not limited to: financing against accounts receivables, Small Business Administration (SBA) 7a and 504 loans, asset-based financing, equipment financing, commercial real estate loans, and a suite of other unconventional lending products designed to meet diverse business needs.

We provide tailored financing solutions designed specifically for the healthcare and franchise sectors. Additionally, we offer consulting services to help businesses establish or enhance their customer financing programs.


healthcare financing

Secure funding for your healthcare business’s operational and growth needs, covering expenses such as land, facilities, equipment, working capital, and beyond.

Franchise Financing

Leverage our expertise in franchise financing and deep industry knowledge to access a streamlined loan process, saving you valuable time and money.

CUSTOMER financing

You can now offer ‘buy now, pay later’ options for your business through our customer financing partner, leading to higher sales and happier customers.

 We Now Offer Dental Patient Financing 

Implemint Capital’s dental patient financing program is tailored for private dental practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) looking to enhance patient accessibility to treatments. We recognize that not having financing options can significantly lower revenue for these practices, as dental care costs can often deter patients. Therefore, we’ve designed our platform to seamlessly integrate flexible financing options into practice operations, addressing this crucial issue.

Ideal for major and elective procedures not covered by insurance, our program caters to the diverse financial needs of patients. With quick and easy application processes, practices can efficiently manage patient financing, improving cash flow and attracting more patients. Our customizable plans and detailed reporting ensure that practices can effectively navigate financing while growing their business. 

With Implemint Capital’s support, private dental practices and DSOs can provide quality dental care while making treatments more affordable and accessible for everyone.

We are a proud member of Women in DSO®

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